The Hatch


The Hatch at Forte Kitchen: offering an exciting new simplified menu for those of you with limited time but still want some Forte Kitchen magic.

The Hatch will focuses on bringing Winchester the best hand roasted coffee, sourdough toasties, nourishing soups, seasonal salads and lots of other simply delicious treats! You can swing past and order from the Hatch on your daily exercise route, click and collect for a tasty working from home treat or, take advantage of our inside dining area; a relaxed and casual space for you to connect with your friends, family, co-workers, yourself… or a lovely space to work from when you need to shake up your working from home atmosphere. Whatever the reason, we are here for you!

The new space was really born out of a mixture of thinking about feedback from Forte Kitchen regulars as well as imagining a space that could be versatile during these uncertain and unprecedented times. The Hatch is all about being simply delicious. Offering a simple menu that still packs a real punch in terms of quality and flavour.