Restaurant in Winchester - Forte Kitchen

Our story

We are Olly and Naomi the owners of Kitchen Restaurants. We met in a kitchen many years ago in Brighton.



One of our favourite things to do has always been to eat out together, we love exploring new restaurants, and for years we’ve dreamed of our own place.

We love the whole restaurant experience, but so often it is too formal. We love the informal cafe culture but we feel it misses the great service. We love the social setting of a great bar, but it’s missing the great food. So finally, we decided to take the plunge and do it ourselves, to create a mix of the best parts of all these, great quality local food and drinks, in a relaxed, informal setting, with excellent service. This is our goal in our Kitchen Restaurants – a special place for any occasion and not just a place for special occasions.

About our kitchen restaurants

Our specialty is home cooked food, welcoming our guests with professional yet relaxed service, and striving to deliver the highest standards of hospitality in a grounded everyday way. We want to make each and every guest that walks into our kitchen restaurant feel at home.

Our Kitchen is where the magic happens, simple food is prepared and cooked with love and passion, creating exciting, flavoursome food without any fuss or frills. Our kitchen is at the heart of everything we do. It’s about feeling at home, feeling relaxed, it’s about sharing some good times with your nearest and dearest. We want people to enjoy our food as much as we enjoy cooking it.

Forte Kitchen – the one with the lights


Our first Kitchen Restaurant, Forte Kitchen has a special place in our hearts.

In the year 2014 a little tea room called the Forte Tea Rooms came onto the market. On the first floor, tucked away from the high street, and only accessed via some very steep steps we were warned to stay clear from it. Many people told us that a restaurant only ever works on the ground floor.

The tearoom itself also needed a lot of work! However, with high ceilings and gorgeous windows, we saw the potential and had a gut feeling about the space that we just could not ignore. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck Forte Kitchen was born in July 2015 and was nominated for restaurant of the year in it’s first year as well as then going on to win multiple other awards. We decided to call it Forte still as we wanted to pay homage to the fact that it has once been a popular little tearoom owned by a Mr Forte, who the Rocco Forte group had tried to sue and lost. We thought it was a lovely story about the little company winning instead of the big company for a change.

Rosemoor Kitchen - Restaurant in FarnhamRosemoor Kitchen – the one with the amazing fixed seating


Rosemoor Kitchen, our second Kitchen Restaurant.

We have spent the past few years looking for the perfect spot for our next restaurant. We spent many hours wondering around different towns and cities until a dear friend of ours suggested Farnham. We loved it immediately and after further walks around the town, we felt Farnham is the best next spot for our kitchen restaurant concept.

We got the keys to Rosemoor Kitchen on the Friday 05 October 2018, nearly 4 years after we got the keys to our first restaurant Forte Kitchen and on exactly the same day as we got the keys to our first home, a little house in Alresford called Rosemoor. We were ecstatic to receive the keys to both our new restaurant and new house on the same day and with the new restaurant still without a name we thought it would be more then appropriate to call it Rosemoor. And so Rosemoor Kitchen was born.