Restaurant in Winchester - Forte Kitchen

Our story

Welcome to the Forte Kitchen… an environment to truly relax in, with our friendly team to take care of you, the smell of our freshly baked breads, and daily newspapers available to read  – it’s a real haven. A secret oasis for you and your friends to escape to and enjoy our wonderful homemade food, freshly prepared from the Forte Kitchen.


We are Olly and Naomi, owners of the Forte Kitchen

Our Forte…

Our Forte is home cooked food, welcoming our guests with professional yet relaxed service, we want to deliver the highest standards of hospitality without any fuss or pretension. We want to make each and every guest that walks up our stairs feel at home.


Our Kitchen…

Where the magic happens, simple food is prepared and cooked with love and passion, creating exciting, flavoursome food without any fuss or frills. Cooking up rustic British food, our kitchen is at the heart of everything we do. Its about feeling at home, feeling relaxed, its about sharing some good times with your nearest and dearest. We want people to enjoy our food as much as we enjoy cooking it.


Something different

We feel the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place for your morning tea or coffee, reading the paper. A place where the family meals are cooked and served.

Kitchen’s aren’t quiet, sedate rooms, they are a hub of activity, aromas and fun. A place for family and friends to gather and put the world to rights over a bottle or two. Forte Kitchen was created to be a place where people can relax and enjoy good food and drinks with friends and family just like your kitchen at home, but in our kitchen we do the cooking and the washing up.


Olly’s chef background

Olly has been working as a chef for 12 years. Food has been part of Olly’s family history for as long as he knows. He grew up on a farm and lived in a pub. He knows the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. Olly’s cooking is unfussy and unpretentious, good food with a focus on flavour and quality local ingredients. He is also a passionate baker and baking fresh bread is one of his favourite things to do.


Naomi and Olly

One of our favourite things to do has always been to eat out together, we love exploring new restaurants, and for years we’ve dreamed of our own place.

We love the whole restaurant experience, but so often it is too formal. We love the informal cafe culture but feel it misses the great service. We love the social setting of a great bar, but it’s missing the great food. So finally we decided to take the plunge and do it ourselves, to create a mix of the best parts of all these, great quality food and drinks, in a relaxed, informal setting, with excellent service.

That is our goal in Forte Kitchen. We aren’t pretentious we aren’t trying to be better than we are, we are trying to be the best that we can be.

So, we hope you enjoy Forte Kitchen as much as we do because is there anything better or more relaxing than sitting in a kitchen warmed by baking bread while talking to the people you love.